** Seller's Net Sheet - Release Notes **

Net Sheet v1.1.21 - Released December 11th, 2009
 * Added question to clear processing fee on startup (at Jim Hiles' request)

Net Sheet v1.1.20 - Released March 11th, 2009
 * Updated Title Commitment to $100
 * Fixed MLS download to work with NEOREX (no county or tax downloads)

Net Sheet v1.1.19 - Released May 5th, 2008
 * Added KW Greater Cleveland West license file

Net Sheet v1.1.18 - Released April 28th, 2008
 * Fixed IDX data download (MLS number download)
 * Fixed issue with clicking File, New Netsheet and then download MLS data did not plug in correct starting price in sale price field.
 * Fixed File, New Netsheet showing date and time for closing date.
 * Fixed Table of contents to show $0 for net instead of just $

Net Sheet v1.1.17 - Released July 13th, 2007
 * Hooray! I finally found the update issue!  Two different versions of ARView2.ocx.  This update should finally fix it!

Net Sheet v1.1.16 - Released July 9th, 2007
 * Ongoing efforts to fix mysterious problems with people's updates and new installs (Arview2.ocx location change and re-register)

Net Sheet v1.1.15 - Released July 3rd, 2007
 * Added "Full" option to Commission Rate Percent Tab (Uses full price amount instead of just first X amount)
 * Fixed Net Sheet to show $0 for net instead of just $
 * Another compile to try and fix Matt Hayes' install issue (Blank ARViewer control but printing works fine)

Net Sheet v1.1.14 - Released June 26th, 2007
 * Fixed install bug that happened in v1.1.13 only (incorrect reference to actrpt.dll - old AR system file)
 * Fixed bug when clicking File, Save As and selecting cancel (would add blank line to recently viewed)

Net Sheet v1.1.13 - Released June 13th, 2007
 * Added "Line Item Explanations" and "Options" buttons to AR toolbar
 * Added auto-change to line item help after clicking toolbar help or menu help
 * Removed "Back" and "Forward" buttons from toolbar (too confusing)
 * Removed "Copy" button from toolbar
 * Changed order of data entry boxes (moved MLS download up to fit on 1280X1024 Page 1)
 * Fixed Zoom change even not updating menu bars correctly
 * Fixed problem when using toolbar (not AR Toolbar), hide data entry fields, toolbar was still visible

Net Sheet v1.1.12 - Released April 28th, 2007
 * Added Help, View Line Item Explanations which explains the line items on the Seller's Net Sheet
 * Added option to view and clear error log file under Help menu
 * Changed Options, "Layout" to "Heading"
 * Changed ARViewer control the "AllowSplitter=False"
 * Fixed typo in dll registration in installer that caused some users ActiveX control error messages after fresh install

Net Sheet v1.1.11 - Released April 27th, 2007
 * Fixed issue where selected agent no longer exists in registry caused control array not found 340 error (not sure how a system would get like this but it's fixed now).

Net Sheet v1.1.10 - Released April 26th, 2007
 * Added error trapping to 90% of functions and subs

Net Sheet v1.1.9 - Released April 26th, 2007
 * Fixed bug that would show Register Program option under Help File when user already had license file
 * Fixed frmMain redraw issue during startup (program seemed to draw form slowly on startup when doing update check).
 * Removed Change Agent Profile option from File menu when only {Blank} profile exists

Net Sheet v1.1.8 - Released March 18th, 2007
 * Fixed issue with new install.  If user is not administrator, there was an error about oleaut32.dll.  Install now checks for admin rights.
 * Revised Demo Version watermark to darker gray

Net Sheet v1.1.7 - Released March 12th, 2007
 * Added Watermark to Demo Version
 * Added Demo Version label to bottom right corner of net sheets
 * Revised input box sizes to make Misc. Adjustments boxes appear on "Page 1" tab at 1024X768 screen resolution

Net Sheet v1.1.6 - Released March 9th, 2007
 * Added question to keep flat commission amount when grabbing estimated net amount (Target Net tab)
 * Added export default file name for netsheets that have been saved
 * Revised and elaborated on Tips of the Day

Net Sheet v1.1.5 - Released March 8th, 2007
 * Fixed "Object was unloaded" error (existed only in v1.1.3 and v1.1.4)

Net Sheet v1.1.4 - Released March 7th, 2007
 * Added Pull from Net Sheet buttons (Pulls Sale Price and Target Net from existing net sheets)
 * Revised and added a few Tips of the Day
 * Changed Help menu order
 * Sorry for all the updates the last few days, I'm also testing the auto update process

Net Sheet v1.1.3 - Released March 6th, 2007
 * Added Tip of the Day

Net Sheet v1.1.2 - Released March 6th, 2007 
 * Improved Target Net price calculation (closer to actual target on higher sale prices)

Net Sheet v1.1.1 - Released March 2nd, 2007
 * Added Auto Update option
 * Fixed another issue related to IE and the MLS data download (error trapping for incorrect password)

Net Sheet v1.1.0 - Released March 1st, 2007
 * Updated to Active Reports 2.0
 * Added Seller's NetSheet version to footer of reports
 * Added reverse net sheet generation tab - target (works based on target net amount)
 * Added TIFF File Format Export
 * Added more dialog to explain check for update "Invalid response from server" error message.  Added explanation about personal firewall.
 * Added question to open exported file after exporting
 * Added color choice command button to layout options page
 * Fixed issue with exporting to HTML (Table of Contents finally working!)
 * Fixed problem with IE7 not downloading MLS info correctly

Net Sheet v1.0.99 - Released December 4th, 2006 
 * Added "Phrases" tab to options screen
 * Changed License discription field to accomodate longer strings
 * Changed logo size (slightly taller) for legibility
 * Changed MLS number requirements to accomodate CRIS downloads
 * Fixed bug with Table of Contents check mark under view
 * Fixed MLS login

Net Sheet v1.0.98 - Released June 14, 2006
 * Added Agent Profiles (Saves Agent Info from bottom of page as well as MLS login information)

Net Sheet v1.0.97 - Released April 5, 2006
 * Updated Russell Real Estate Services Logo

Net Sheet v1.0.96 - Released March 14, 2006
 * Added option to change number of recent files shown
 * Changed save as and load default directories to be saved in registry
 * Changed Send via email title of attached PDF to {Address} Netsheet.pdf
 * Fixed problem with MLS image not loading when loading a file (instead of pressing download button)
 * Extended Comments section to 528 characters without signature lines and 195 characters with signature lines

Net Sheet v1.0.95 - Released November 28, 2005
 * Added 6-5-4% commission rate
 * Added First $100K option to change "percent" commission tab
 * Changed Russell Logo to "New Old Logo"

Net Sheet v1.0.94 - Released July 28, 2005
 * Added Options button to top right corner
 * Changed Title Exam and Escrow fees to reflect increases

Net Sheet v1.0.93 - Released June 6, 2005
 * Changed image download function to search the document if NORMLS changes their image location (yet again)

Net Sheet v1.0.92 - Released April 8, 2005
 * Rerelease of 1.0.91 with one small typo corrected that kept license files from updating

Net Sheet v1.0.91 - Released March 25, 2005
 * Updated Russell Realtors Logo
 * Changed default home warranty to $399 (existing installs will only change when hitting restore defaults in options page)

Net Sheet v1.0.90 - Released March 11, 2005
 * Updated License file generation and allowed for running multiple license files
 * Fixed update program to install new company logos when required (based on license file)
 * Fixed bug with downloading images (new URL)

Net Sheet v1.0.89 - Released March 7, 2005
 * Updated Russell Realtors Logo
 * Added function to save MLS photos

Net Sheet v1.0.88 - Released March 4, 2005
 * Added property status to NORMLS Data Download image (bottom left corner)
 * Added ability to double click home image to open Agent Full Report
 * Fixed bug with * included in property address and taxes (NORMLS Download)

Net Sheet v1.0.87 - Released March 2, 2005
 * Added option to change default closing date calculation (Today + 30, 45, 60, 90 days)
 * Changed default close date to Today +60 days
 * Fixed bug in downloading 1/2 year taxes
 * Fixed bug when downloading "other" county from MLS

Net Sheet v1.0.86 - Released March 2, 2005
 * Added photo to NORMLS Data Download

Net Sheet v1.0.85 - Released March 1, 2005
 * Added option to change default "misc title fees" (default set to $0 which removes line item)
 * Added option to change default pest inspection cost
 * Added Restore Defaults button to options tab
 * Added MLS Data Download to get address, tax and county info from MLS (includes list price as sale price default)
 * Added option to change default "miscellaneous" fees and set conventional default to $250
 * Changed name of "Additional Title Fees" to "Misc Title Fees"
 * Changed default closing date to today +1 month

Net Sheet v1.0.83 - Released February 3, 2004
 * Added Yes/No confirmation to Clear Fields menu item
 * Changed disclaimer line to shrink when empty
 * Changed max length of comment field to 150 characters
 * Fixed problem when Sending via Email before rebuilding netsheets
 * Fixed tab index for One/Range tabs

Net Sheet v1.0.82 - Released January 26, 2004
 * Added heading color to options page
 * Added disclaimer editing to options page
 * Added ability to hide signature lines
 * Added option to default to Range instead of One sale price

Net Sheet v1.0.81 - Released October 27, 2003
 * Added Erie, Geauga, Huron & Ottawa Counties
 * Added option to start with blank net sheet or start with last file saved
 * Added option to select default county
 * Added recording fees default value
 * Fixed escrow fees and title exam costs for all counties
 * Fixed error when entering 0 for Sale Price

Net Sheet v1.0.80 - Released August 7, 2003
 * Added Deed Prep editing ability in Options screen (Default $75)
 * Modified recording fees to $100 (doubled cost)

Net Sheet v1.0.79 - Released April 24, 2003
 * Added Half/Full year tax option
 * Added Toolbar to Open, Save, Create New and Print
 * Modified Menu Bar to add View Section
 * Updated Title Insurance Rates

Net Sheet v1.0.78 - Released April 11, 2003
 * Added Comments section (Thanks for the input Tim Beane!)
 * Fixed bug filling in a 0 in property address when loading old netsheets 

Net Sheet v1.0.77 - Released March 28, 2003
 * Added Property Address Field
 * Added Application Layout to Options form (For hiding data entry sections)

Net Sheet v1.0.76 - Released April 29, 2002
 * Fixed Title Insurance Prices (was missing differential fee for homes over $150K)

Net Sheet v1.0.75 - Released March 01, 2002
 * Changed Medina County Water/Sewer Holdback to $300
 * Fixed bug when changing Water/Sewer value, pressing enter would reset value to default

Net Sheet v1.0.74 - Released February 15, 2002
 * Added water/sewer constant value to options screen
 * Added one (single) value/price range option

Net Sheet v1.0.73 - Released November 22, 2001
 * Changed Net Sheet to automatically recalculate rather than prompt to recalculate
 * Fixed bug when data entry is not shown, clicking Show Net Pct does not recalculate
 * Fixed bug when changing Suggested price, Net Sheet did not try to recalculate
 * Fixed fresh install bug about selecting at least one financing type
 * Fixed authorize code bug that would not give an unlock password

Net Sheet v1.0.72 - Released November 22, 2001
 * Changed Net Sheet title look
 * Fixed bug - seller's contribution line does not appear

Net Sheet v1.0.71 - Released November 15, 2001
 * Fixed bug caused by entering a Zero for Increment and then hitting enter

Net Sheet v1.0.70 - Released November 14, 2001
 * Fixed bug where close date was defaulting to September.  New default is today + 2 months

Net Sheet v1.0.69 - Released November 9, 2001
 * Fixed bug when unchecking finance check box, misc value does not update

Net Sheet v1.0.68 - Released November 1, 2001
 * Added Recent File list

Net Sheet v1.0.67 - Released October 31, 2001
 * Added Multiple Financing checkboxes and modified the table of contents
 * Added Load, Save functionality (saves as .nsf file)
 * Added Options form to allow Agent Info and Default Values
 * Added Help File
 * Changed save routine to only save table of contents and sale price data from last viewing
 * Fixed more bugs having to with null values and negative numbers

Net Sheet v1.0.66 - Released October 29, 2001
 * Added Prompt to recalculate when attempting to change pages or print
 * Added more error checking for negative numbers and null dates
 * Added calculator control to several number fields
 * Changed Frame order - Moved Title Insurance to the end and Seller's Contrib Up
 * Fixed Suggested Price bug when changing Increment Amount
 * Fixed Zoom level to default to Page Width
 * Fixed bug when setting close date to null

Net Sheet v1.0.65 - Released October 28, 2001
 * Added License File capability
 * Added Suggested Price Icon
 * Added F1-F5 quick select for Input Tabs

Net Sheet v1.0.64 - Released October 24, 2001
 * Added Processing Fee field to Misc. Data

Net Sheet v1.0.63 - Released October 21, 2001
 * Added Web page URL to expired screen
 * Released to test Update code

Net Sheet v1.0.62 - Released October 20, 2001
 * Added Check for Update functionality
 * Added Seller's Net Sheet Webpage
 * Added Release Notes
 * Added commission tabs (Typical, Flat and Percentage)
 * Added Hide and Show for Data fields
 * Added Message box when ending value is less than starting value
 * Added registration and additional expiration logic
 * Fixed commission text bug when selecting fixed commission rates