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LanLight was written to replace the missing LAN activity lights for Windows 95/98 after upgrading to DSL or Cable with even more functionality.

Windows XP users can use this as a graphical replacement for your network icons

  • Track throughput on each of your network interfaces
  • Graphical representation of data flow in systray
  • Tracks max and average send and receive speeds
  • Shows total bytes sent through interface
  • Graphs realtime bandwidth
  • Allows customizable icons in systray
  • Loads on Windows Startup
  • Trace Route and Ping/Hostname resolve functions
  • Gradient XP icons show upload/download speed
  • Memory usage shows used physical memory (Great for Windows 98 users with no Task Manager)
  • Find out your IP address without using ipconfig

    You might be asking yourself "How much will I have to pay for all this wonderful functionality?"
    The answer: NOTHING! It's FREEWARE! No spyware, no adware, no pop-ups.
    Freeware with no strings attached.

    To disable the XP lights click Start, Connect To, Show all connections and right click, properties on my Local Area Connection. On the General Tab, just uncheck the two boxes at the bottom (see image below) and Click Options, Run on Windows Start in LanLights to use it instead.

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